Alpari Review 2021 – Is it a Trustworthy Broker?

Founded in 1998
Customer service+442 080 896 850
Type of supportEmail, Chat, Phone
LanguagesEN, ES, IN, PT, MA, CN
Minimum deposit€ 5
Demo accountYes
Deposit methodsBank transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill.
AppTablet AppYes
General Score4.3 / 5


Alpari is the trading name of Exinity Limited, the same company that operates theplatform FXTM. Exinity is a Forex and CFD broker with branches regulated in several countries. Alpari has notably registered with the FSC in Mauritius. 

This broker offers almost 250 negotiable instruments. It is not enough, but enough to diversify. Traders and investors will find Forex currency pairs, as well as CFDs on indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

These instruments can be traded by Metatrader. Alpari’s choice of advanced trading platforms is limited to Metatrader, but the different versions of this platform (PC, webtrader and mobile) allow you to have different trading experiences. Alpari has also created its own mobile applications.

Several types of accounts are offered with different pricing that will suit beginners, but also professional traders. Trading fees at Alpari are competitive and allow scalping.

Alpari is a safe broker, if you are looking for a Forex and CFD broker that offers simple solutions, this is the one for you.

Opening an Account

Alpari offers 4 types of accounts: Standard, Micro, Pro and ECN. Each has different trading conditions and offers a demo account.

The Standard Account

This is a classic standard account on which only the spread is applied to positions. The spreads are however quite wide and variable, starting at 1.2 pip. This type of account is therefore not suitable for scalping.

The leverage offered can be up to a max of 1000. The instruments offered are limited to 80, including currency pairs. Alpari offers an option of this account without swap fees. Exotic currency pairs are not available. The minimum position size is set at 0.01 lot and you can invest up to 30 lots per position. The standard account is only offered by Metatrader 4.

The Micro Account

It is an account in cents, which allows the beginner to limit the risk. When you deposit $ 10 into the Micro account, it will represent 1000 cents in your account. Alpari maintains that this account is a transition between the demo account and the real account. 

The minimum deposit for this account is 5 euros and the leverage is limited to 400. The spreads are nevertheless higher, starting at 1.7 pip. This account offers only 27 instruments: 25 currency pairs as well as 2 metals. The size of a position is limited to 1 lot. The Micro account is only available on MT4.

The ECN Account

This account offers more flexibility with tighter spreads, accompanied by a commission. This is particularly competitive, it is 1.5 dollars per lot, or 3 dollars per position opened then closed. The minimum spread is 0.4 pip.

Alpari transmits Forex orders to its numerous liquidity providers. This account has the advantage of having almost zero spreads on certain major currency pairs, during the most active periods of the trading session. 

The maximum leverage is 1000 and a no-charge swap option is offered on MT4. The ECN account is available on MT4 and MT5 and the number of orders you can open is unlimited on this account.

The Pro Account 

This ECN account offers the most competitive rates. It is designed for professional and institutional traders, who can benefit from the best investment environment. 

This account has the particularity of not having a commission. The trading volume is not limited. The leverage is limited to 300 and the minimum deposit is 25,000 euros. You will need to maintain a balance greater than or equal to this amount to continue to benefit from the advantages of the Pro account.

The Demo Account

With the exception of the Micro account, all types of accounts give the right to a demo account, which allows you to discover the trading conditions at Alpari without taking any risk. The demo account is available on MT4 and MT5.


Leverage at Alpari can go up to 1000. It should be noted that this is limited to 30 for European customers.

Alpari Bonuses 

Alpari International often offers welcome bonuses. The bonus offer is prohibited in Europe, but customers outside the continent can benefit from it. The broker currently offers several bonuses and promotional offers. You can check the corresponding page of the broker to see the bonuses offered.

Acceptance of deposit bonuses or participation in trading competitions is not recommended for beginners, as the conditions for taking advantage of bonuses are often restrictive.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The most common deposit methods available. In Europe, they have Skrill, Neteller, deposit by credit and debit card as well as wire transfer.

Many solutions are available to fund your account. The most convenient are card deposit, Skrill and Neteller. These deposit methods are instant. Bank transfer as well as instant bank deposit solutions are offered in some countries. 

Alpari deducts variable deposit and withdrawal fees, depending on the deposit method chosen. 

Alpari Deposit and Withdrawal
AccountsMinimum Euro Deposit

Alpari allows you to deposit in Euros, Pounds Sterling, Dollars and NGN (Nigerian Naira). NGN deposits are only permitted for residents of Nigeria.

Trading Platforms

The platforms are mainly limited to Metatrader. Alpari also offers its mobile trading and PAMM applications.

MyAlpari App

Alpari MyAlpari App

Alpari has launched its own mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. It provides access to market analyzes and expert comments that are not provided on Metatrader. 

The broker integrates an economic calendar from FXStreet, as well as a news feed. There is a filter that allows you to display only the information you really need. The application is synchronized with Metatrader. This means that you will see the open positions on MT4 or MT5 from Alpari Mobile. 

In terms of trading, the application offers a poorer experience than the applications of Metatrader.

Alpari Invest

Alpari Invest

Alpari Invest is designed for investors. It allows you to manage the different placements for the PAMM service. You can choose new managers, reduce or increase your exposure, and make deposits and withdrawals from the app. 

The app is available for Android and iOS on smartphones and tablets.

Alpari Fix-Contracts

Alpari Fix-Contracts

Fix-Contracts are binary options. This product is not available in Europe. As the name suggests, this is a contract defined in advance. The trader chooses the instrument, the amount to bet and the direction he thinks the market will take over a set period of time. The returns are fixed and defined by the broker. 

There is a webtrader for Fix-Contracts, but also a mobile application, which contains all the functionalities of the webtrader. Fix-Contracts are simple, with a user-friendly interface that allows trades to be placed in 1 click. It is nevertheless binary options, a product so risky that its offer in Europe is prohibited.

MetaTrader 4 

MetaTrader 4 is a popular platform for Forex trading. You will be able to trade all major and minor currencies through this platform. It is equipped with 35 basic technical indicators. You can import personalized indicators that you can code yourself, or find on the marketplace integrated into the platform. 

You have the option of using automated trading. There are hundreds of free and paid trading robots available from the marketplace. It’s also easy to create your own trading robots.

MetaTrader 5

MT5 has all the faculties of MT4 and adds more features: trading signals and economic calendar. MT5 is a multifunctional platform that offers advanced automated trading functionality. Copy trading tools are integrated into the platform. MT5 allows you to trade a greater number of instruments using a multitude of advanced tools. 

MT4 and MT5 Webtraders

Trading is more accessible with MT4 and MT5 webtraders. You can access basic Metatrader features and access your Alpari account from any browser.

Apart from customized indicators and trading robots, the same functionalities as the PC software are offered on webtraders. Their interface is intuitive and secure. There is one-click trading, personalized time intervals, as well as all types of orders.

MT4 and MT5 Mobile App

The mobile versions of Metatrader are offered by the broker. They allow you to access your account, no matter where you are. These applications have all types of orders. For the chart, it can be displayed as a Japanese candle, a line, or a bar. MT4 and MT5 also offer nearly 30 technical indicators and 25 analysis tools. This remains limited, but allows you to do technical analysis on your smartphone.

Trading Fees

The fees are competitive. Their ECN account is suitable for short term trading and automated trading.

Alpari’s Standard account has no commission and the offered spreads start at 1.2 pip. 

The Micro account is the least competitive among the broker’s offerings. It is commission free, with spreads starting at 1.7 pip.

The ECN account offers the best spreads, starting at 0.4 pip. Commissions vary depending on the instrument. They break down as follows: 

  • Forex and metals: 3 USD / 2.6 EUR / 2.35 GBP per lot (open + close)
  • Indices: 7 USD / 6 EUR / 5.5 GBP per lot (open + close)
  • Other materials first: 4 USD / 3.5 EUR / 3.15 GBP per lot (open + close)
  • Cryptocurrencies = 15 USD / 12.5 EUR / 11.5 GBP per lot (open + close)

The Pro account has the same commissions as the ECN account, but Alpari does not deduct any commission from it.

Financial Markets and Products

The instruments offered depend on the type of account. But there are major and minor currency pairs on all types of accounts.

Alpari offers a variety of instruments to be traded through Forex and CFDs. You will find the following instruments:

  • CFDs on US stocks 
  • Over 60 currency pairs 
  • Commodities such as gold, natural gas, silver and crude oil
  • 11 global stock indices
  • The most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc.
Account TypesMarketsExamples
StandardAccountForex(major, minor, exotic), Indices, Precious Metals.AUD / JPY, EUR / USD, GBP / AUD, XAG / USD, XAU / USD, DAX, CAC 40. 
MicroForex account (major, minor), Precious metals.AUD / USD, EUR / USD, XAU / USD.
ProAccountForex(major, minor, exotic), Indices, Precious Metals.AUD / CAD, EUR / JPY, GBP / NZD, XAG / USD.
ECN AccountForex (major, minor, exotic), Indices, Precious metals, Cryptocurrencies.AUD / NZD, EUR / GBP, GBP / CAD, USD / CAD, XAG / USD, XAU / USD, FTSE, BTC / USD, ETH / USD. 


Overall, the resources available for setting up trading strategies are limited. The PAMM platform nevertheless has a selection of tools to manage its accounts.

PAMM Service

Alpari PAMM Services

The concept of PAMM was created by Alpari in 2008. Since then, this kind of service has been widely adopted in the online trading industry. PAMM stands for “percent allocation management module”. It is a managed account system, whereby investors entrust the management of their account to a more experienced trader. The software to provide this service is provided by the broker.

Clients’ managed accounts are linked to the main account of the account manager and all transactions made by the manager are proportionately reflected in the client accounts.

The manager or signal provider creates an offer, in which the terms of the PAMM are defined, in particular its remuneration, in other words the percentage of the profits of the investors that it receives periodically. The managers invest their PAMM themselves, so they manage some of their own money. This allows them to have a cautious approach in their trading. 

The broker has created a platform for investors. They will be able to monitor and analyze the results of managers who offer their PAMM service on Alpari. 

Copy Trading

Alpari Copy Trading

Alpari also offers a copy trading service which gives more flexibility to traders and investors. It allows you to copy the positions of other traders or signal providers to your account. The service is directly integrated with Metatrader and is available on all types of accounts. 

The transmissions of trades are managed at the level of Alpari’s servers, which means that positions are instantly copied between accounts. As a signals provider, you set the subscription fee for your signals, which investors pay monthly. 

To help you choose a supplier, Alpari makes a ranking of the best traders with a rating assigned to each and some details on their performance. This can help you to find a suitable strategy. You can sort providers by profitability, leverage, number of subscribers, etc. 

Market Analysis

The “Market reviews” section of the Alpari website provides technical and fundamental analysis on major currency pairs as well as commodities. There is little analysis of other instruments. Overall, the broker offers little market analysis.


The page dedicated to calculators only includes a currency converter. We did not find a position size calculator, or a margin calculator. 

Economic Calendar

The calendar offered is the same one as from FXStreet. It is comprehensive and offers several filtering options, to display only the events that are likely to impact your trading strategy. 


Autochartist is a tool for recognizing chart figures and trend lines. Alpari allows you to integrate and access it through Metatrader. 

Customer Support

Alpari can be reached by chat or on social networks.

A FAQ is available on the Alpari site at the foot of the page. The questions are dealt with by topic: general information, deposit and withdrawal, trading conditions, trading platform, etc. If you cannot find an answer to your questions, you can contact support, by chat integrated into the site. However, no assistance in French is offered. 


The training offered is not very detailed. It needs to be improved.

Educational resources are made available to beginners and Alpari’s demo account is especially useful to get a hang of the trading platform and the markets. However, you’ll only get a basic understanding of Forex and online trading through their guides, webinars and trading strategies.

Overall, the training is quite limited, as are the resources offered for stock market analysis. This aspect of the broker needs improvement.


Several measures have been put in place by the broker, including segregation of accounts, participation in a clearing fund and protection against negative balance.

The Alpari broker is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Mauritius. Although not regulated by more reputable bodies, Alpari has implemented various security measures for the protection of customer accounts.

Segregation of Client Funds

Alpari client funds are segregated from the broker’s own funds. This means that the broker will not use the capital of its clients to finance its activities. Thus, these funds are available at any time from partner banks of the broker.

Protection Against Negative Balances

As required by the financial market authorities in Europe, the broker offers protection against negative balance. You should know that by trading with leverage, it may happen that you lose more than expected. 

In cases of extreme market volatility, the balance of an account can fall below zero and the trader will have to credit his account a priori to bring it back to zero. Negative balance protection prevents this possibility, with a guaranteed stop loss that liquidates open positions, when losses reach a certain threshold.

Clearing Fund

Alpari Is a member of the Financial Commission, an independent international body, which provides traders and brokers with an external dispute resolution mechanism. A compensation fund is set up by this institution and the member brokers contribute monthly to fund it. In the event of a dispute with the broker, you can request this fund, which can reimburse clients up to 20,000 euros.


Alpari’s is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. The diversity of its offer in account types allows you to benefit from commission-free trading conditions, but also from an ECN account with tight spreads. The leverage offered is modifiable and offers flexibility to the trader who can adjust his preferences according to his aversion to risk.

The PAMM solution and copy trading allow investors to delegate the management of their account to other traders, in order to take advantage of the markets. The Metatrader 4 and 5 platforms are available on all media, allowing access to your Alpari account, wherever you are and at any time.


Is Alpari a trusted broker?

Alpari is a regulated broker. Its parent company is regulated by many regulatory bodies, including the FCA.

What is the minimum deposit at Alpari?

The minimum deposit amount is 5 euros.

Can we trade cryptocurrencies at Alpari?

You will be able to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies with CFDs.

Can I make a PayPal deposit on Alpari?

No. The broker does not accept PayPal.

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