TradingView Review – Is it a Reliable Technical Analysis Platform?

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Founded in2012
Head officeWesterville, United States
Type of supportEmail
LanguagesVI, FR, EN, CE, DE, PT, IT, SV, ES, TK
Demo accountYes
Mobile appYes
Tablet appYes
General rating4.8/5
Graphic tools10/10
Technical indicators10/10
Economic indicators5/10
Social trading8/10
Other features8/10
Available products10/10
Demo account9/10
Actual account6/10


TradingView is a fully online based technical analysis platform. So it’s a cloud charting  platform. TradingView is easy to use and is suitable for any trader profile: beginner to experienced traders.

This platform is an excellent tool for graphic and technical analysis lovers. You’ll find a wide variety of graphic types, as well as many custom indicators. The platform also allows you to create your own indicators using your own script language.

TradingView was launched in 2012 as a social trading platform. The firm is based in Westerville, United States. Beginner and more experienced analysts can easily share their studies on the social network of TradingView. This feature has contributed to the growing popularity of the platform. Indeed, TradingView has more than 3 million active users per month.

With its APIs, TradingView is now a provider of data and charting tools for many other online trading platforms. If you’re looking for a professional platform to conduct your analysis, TradingView is probably the best choice.


TradingView offers a comprehensive technical analysis solution. Fundamental analysis tools are still limited.

Advanced chart

The main strength of TradingView is the flexibility of its charting tool. In 2013, when we discovered the platform, we quickly noticed a clear difference in the graphics functionality of  TradingView. It was more advanced than the other platforms we used at the time, such as NetDania or FreeStockCharts. It’s very easy to zoom in or stretch the graph on TradingView. It’s also easy to scroll through the graph to show older data.

TradingView Advanced chart

The real innovation that TradingView has brought is cloud charting. Conducting graphical analysis and then finding them from another computer is a huge advantage.

Unlike many other platforms, your analytics on TradingView are always available. Despite the multiple updates, we were surprised to review the graphic figures we had drawn in 2013 on a few currency pairs.

We were not able to find the analyses on the other platforms we were using at the time. They were indeed deleted after major updates.

On the TradingView dashboard, you can move the drawing tools and other windows, or reduce them, to have more space for the chart display.

TradingView offers unparalleled comfort when it comes to analyzing a chart. No wonder many brokers or cryptocurrency exchange platforms use its APIs to integrate TradingView’s charting tool on their platforms.

Technical indicators

TradingView offers a large number of technical indicators. In addition to the most popular basic indicators, there are hundreds of custom indicators that are developed by the TradingView community. To better find the indicator that’s right for you, TradingView classifies them by type (volumes, oscillators, trends, etc.).

TradingView Technical indicators

There is also a search bar that allows you to find an indicator quickly. This indicator selection tool can be launched by clicking “indicator” at your TradingView dashboard.

News Feed

TradingView is a technical analysis-oriented platform, the fundamental analysis tools you will find on the platform are rather limited. Nevertheless, the platform has an economic news feed to track the markets.

For actions, the date of results posts as well as past ads are available at the bottom of the chart.

TradingView Screener 

The platform also has a screener. We find that this one is quite limited and would not be suitable for investors who wish to refine their search for attractive shares or other products.

The screener gives a limited selection of technical and fundamental indicators that you can combine. It is also possible to sort products according to their performance. The tool is still easy to use.

TradingView Alert

TradingView lets you set an alert for a particular product. The alert can be set from the price level, an indicator, or a line you’ve drawn. It’s convenient not to have to follow the charts all the time.

For example, if the EUR/USD is at 1.1080 and you plan to analyze the market if the price falls to 1.1000, you can place an alert at that level. The platform will beep when this level is reached. You can also set it up so that it sounds continuously every time the level is touched.

The alert can also be sent to your email. Premium members also have the option to receive these alerts via SMS.

Range Pattern

In addition to the default Japanese candlesticks that can be found on all platforms, TradingView offers several other types of charts based on price movement and not time.

For the Renko graph, for example, a new candle is drawn when the market fluctuates by a number of pips. We can have a graph in 10 pips. In this case, the price action will only draw a new candle when the price fluctuates by more than 10 pips from the closing level of the previous one.

TradingView Range Pattern

This type of chart is ideal for trend traders. When there is no trend, few new candles are drawn. And during a breakout, it is easier to see the new trend that is emerging.

Script language

TradingView provides developers with a script language called Pine. But this isn’t just for developers, because Pine is easy to understand. You can learn it quickly and program technical indicators and trading bots.

You will find, in the TradingView indicator scan, a large number of technical indicators developed by other TradingView users.

TradingView Social Network

An innovative social trading platform, with the ability to share interactive charts.

TradingView’s social network has contributed significantly to the popularity and development of the platform. As an analyst, you can capture your screen and share it with the TradingView community. Other users can see it while searching, or if they subscribe to your posts.

Many professional analysts have created their accounts on TradingView and are followed by other traders. However, even a beginner can publish his analyses. Technical analysis are published as “ideas” on platform. 

For example, you can do your technical analysis on bitcoin. Another user, who is looking for trading ideas or simply bitcoin news, will find your analysis in the ideas section. He can then like your idea or comment.

One feature we liked is the interactivity of the analytics that are published on the social network of TradingView. In particular, it is possible to give a bias to your idea: bearish or bullish. In this case, other users will be able to see if your analysis has been accurate, by loading, from your chart, the history of more recent fluctuations. So, your social network analytics are interactive and aren’t just screenshots.

Trading account

TradingView offers a demo account, which gives access to a large number of markets. Real trading is available with some brokers.

Demo account

In addition to the charting tools at your disposal, TradingView offers you an unlimited demo account so you can trade and develop your strategies. The tool is complete and allows you to graphically manage your positions. So you can move the stop  loss  and  take profit with the mouse. It’s very convenient.

The advantage of the demo TradingView account over brokers is that it allows you to trade virtually on the thousands of products present on the platform. You are therefore not limited to a selection of products made by a broker.

Real TradingView Account

TradingView is not a broker, it does not offer brokerage service. However, it is in partnership with some brokers, especially for forex trading. Among them are FXCM, and  Oanda. It is therefore possible to place your orders from TradingView using these platforms.

Being able to trade on TradingView after conducting your extensive technical analysis is a truly unique experience.

TradingView and other platforms

TradingView is the most advanced technical analysis platform. But other platforms like ProRealTime offer better tools for investors who use fundamental analysis.

TradingView offers many more technical indicators than most other platforms such as Metatrader. The new indicators created by the developer community are directly integrated into the TradingView bookstore. This is a real advantage over Metatrader where you have to manually add a new indicator to be able to use it.

TradingView is also more flexible than other platforms. The fact that it is cloud-based is a major asset compared to platforms that require PC installation. Its interface is very customizable.

However, the fundamental analysis tools are rather limited. If you want a more advanced screener, you might want to turn to ProRealTime. There are also high-performance online screeners, such as Finviz or

Advantages and disadvantages

TradingView is very flexible and customizable, however, your choices of brokers for real trading are limited.

As we have seen, TradingView offers several advantages. It is the most flexible technical analysis platform with the best user experience. It offers a large number of technical indicators created by the developer community around TradingView.

You can create your own trading bots on the platform and test them. The most important thing is that its free offer offers enough features to use the platform properly.

In terms of drawbacks, we found that there is a need for fundamental analysis. In addition, the platform accepts few broker partners for real-world trading.

Available product

TradingView provides access to all asset classes in different global markets.

On TradingView, you’ll find virtually every asset class available in the world. From Forex currency pairs to new cryptocurrencies to the least coveted markets, such as stocks listed on the stock exchanges of Eastern European countries.

When you’re having trouble finding a products chart, you can pick it up on TradingView! 

In addition, you have the option to make a selection of products that interest you on TradingView. This allows you to access their charts faster. To set this list, simply open the favorites window and search for the products in question and then add them one by one. By default, there is a selection of products that you can remove.


TradingView is a versatile platform for conducting technical analysis. Analysts and traders will love its social networking features. The platform offers a unique experience of analysis and sharing within the TradingView community.

Being able to trade directly from the platform is a real asset. However, this feature is limited to a few brokers.


Can I trade on TradingView?

You can trade in a demo on TradingView. The platform also accepts some online Forex brokers.

Is TradingView free?

TradingView is free. There are more features available for pro members.

What is TradingView for?

TradingView is a technical analysis platform. You can analyze the financial markets on this platform.

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